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This weekend of collegiate rowing was the last for two of the men on our team and we (the novices) wanted to make this regatta one they would NEVER forget. 

After we finished hanging out with the St. Cloud team and got back to our hotel room on Saturday night, everyone went straight to bed, exhausted from a hard day’s competition.

Everyone, except us.

Our coach quickly fell asleep and our evil plan soon began to take form. Earlier that day at the grocery store, we picked up two cans of silly string without the coach knowing and when the lights turned off, the silly string came out.  One of us took the camera, two took silly string containers, and one extra was the safety for passing of the string between us to cause confusion in case he came after us in retaliation. The plan also included the quick use of the garbage can outside for swift removal of the evidence. It was the perfect plan.

silly string attack

Photo by Kristen Powers

Tiptoeing into the room, I held up my hand.  One. Two. Three. GO!  We shot our coach  with the silly string head to toe, and an  eruption of laughter filled the room. He starts  yelling, clearly startled and clearly confused.  As he rises from the bed, we all make a run for  it.  One goes down the sidewalk outside, I  quickly dispense of my silly string, and the  rest huddle in the corner as our coach  stumbles into our room covered in red and  green silly string.

The next day was a bitter sweet farewell of rowing.  The schedule included a number of sprint races of only 400 meters and ended all too fast.  There is a tradition of throwing the coxswain into the river if you win your heat, and since our coach was the most decorated of Mizzou rowing graduates, we decided to give him the honor of being tossed into the river :). After a nice talk, many hugs, and many photos, we stepped into the car, and began the drive home.

Between an epic bumping experience (dancing/singing in the car with the music turned all the way up), food, and reminiscing about great past rowing adventures, the sun eventually set on our final weekend together as a team.  A team that began as a cluster of young adults from around the country, with seemingly little in common, and ended as crew laden with incredible friendships, experiences, and memories we will all remember for years to come.

Seniors - Photo by Heather Gray

Seniors - Photo by Heather Gray

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