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perche creek

Photo by Heather Gray

The above photo is a picture of Perche Creek, the wonderful tributary the MU Crew Team has the honor of rowing on every day so early in the morning.  Our team has little funding and have thus become a very resourceful and scrappy team.  Most of the time, she is calm and clear, but at times she forces us to maneuver around logs, random hay bales, fight through fog, become prey to GIANT mosquitos, and deal with flooding.  If you have been in Columbia, MO the last week, you can guess the problem we encountered this morning.











As we arrived at the creek this morning, singing, dancing, and sharing fun stories in the car, sitting in the passenger seat, I found myself yelling, “STOP!”  Mark, the one driving, hit the brakes hard in order to avoid driving into the river.  Perche creek had flooded so bad, the parking lot was completely submerged.  In the photo above, there are two arrows, one blue one red.  The blue arrow points to the river in the background at a normal level down the hill and near the far trees.  Today, the river reached all the way up to where the red arrow points along the path leading to the parking lot that would be on the left.

Believe it or not, we still got on the water this morning.  I coxed (see rowing basics for the definition) and had my team walk the boat into the parking lot and row down the newly expanded river.  It was perhaps one of the best days on the water because it was so calm with very little debris.  

Only at Mizzou will you find a crew team able to row on a parking lot.  Only at Mizzou.

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